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An interesting alarm app “Walk me up!” to wake you up on time

Waking up early in the morning and at the right time seems to be a difficult task for many. But no need to worry now thanks to plenty of apps available to deal with this significant issue. One of these apps is the ‘Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock.’ It is an alarm app with a clever twist. So, to disable the alarm, the user has to walk a certain number of predetermined steps, at which point he would be wide awake. 

The app depends on the user’s device’s accelerometer to detect the steps. 

This app makes the use of artificial intelligence for its proper function. This app occupies only 879kb of space with Android requirements of 2.2 version or more than that depending up on work.

The ad-supported free version of this app is available along with the Pro version. One can purchase the Pro version for $1.99. 

This app comes with a smart user interface with a slightly different default setting. It has additional features such as Evil Mode, Voice Assist and Quick alarm which makes it a reliable app. It is available on the Google Play store with an average rating of 4.2/5.

Abhinay Bagaria and Mohammad Shabaz Moosa, both the MIT graduates, are behind this exciting idea.  Currently, they are emphasizing on new app ideas and extending their team. They are also looking forward to having a partnership with OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) 

Around150,000 downloads on Google Play store and the overwhelming response from the users indicate that it is some of the best apps developed so far.  


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