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Home Innovation Artic Fox Introduces Their New Product Titled ‘CHAMEIL’

Artic Fox Introduces Their New Product Titled ‘CHAMEIL’

After many years of hard work Arctic Fox, a Bangalore based bag pack company has launched its new edition of bags; next-generation color changing bags with the title ‘CHAMEIL’. Undoubtedly Arctic Fox bags are becoming the center of attention for the world because of the feature fabric that can change its color in response to being exposed to any form of heat.

Where every brand claim to introduce high tech bags the difference between them and the Arctic Fox lies in the fact that it has welcomed many advanced features such as their built-in USB ports and a section with a phone charging setup. Arctic Fox comes in 4 different colors and can serve as a storage for a good 15-inch laptop. The comfortable and approachable design makes them the go-to products. Now you can carry your stuff in a backpack which is high tech and trendier. Arctic Fox assures its customers, convenience, and comfortability by designing bags that have rain covers with a sound airflow system and the spandex padded shoulder straps which allows the customers to move with ease.

So, if you are looking for a bag that is easy to carry, more convenient and trendier, then the Artic Fox color changing bags are the best option.


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