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Bootstrapped startup Nandoo claims to provide “the Nandoo Life” to its users

Mihir Shinde launched his startup, Nandoo in 2018 to promote human well-being. The not so balanced life routine of his loved ones encouraged him to introduce something that benefits the mind and soul of everyone with Mihir and Yashika Shah, with Jaime Cajamarca and Han Jie Lin.
Today, with the informative content and over 218,000 users, the whole team tends to work hard regarding the financial services, cybersecurity and the design of the Nandoo app.
This bootstrapped startup doesn’t only support the well-being of people but also earns a suitable amount of money. This app comes with three sections, mainly for mental wellness, soul wellness, and body wellness. In mind wellness, the app briefs about globally on-going events in a relaxed and peacefully fun way. In the soul, the wellness compartment focuses on managing stress by controlling the breathing process. “It is a very relaxing feature that helps you guide your breathing in a highly simplified format,” addressed Mihir in an interview. At the same time, the body app allows the user an everyday walk for about 10 minutes, with welcoming competition among other ‘Nandoo-ers’.
With offices both in New York and Mumbai, Mihir emphasized that their startup is more about encouraging people to live “the Nandoo life”, intending to provide people with a healthy life routine.
It’s here to mention that the founders of Nandoo, before this startup, were associated with highly renowned Organizations including Forbes. The whole team works hard regarding financial services, cybersecurity, and its design.
Research made by Flurry Analytics indicates that the need for health-supporting apps has been increased by about 330% in the past three years. There are also Step Tracker, bootstrapped StepSetGo and Pedometer, among other apps, to ensure one’s wellness. Nandoo, with its biggest competitor “Curefit” (by Mukesh Bansal’s and Ankit Nagori), looks forward to speeding up its fund-raising process.


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