DOT-Mind Unlocked Wins as She Loves Tech Successfully Comes to an End


An initiative was taken by CIRCLE to encourage the interest and participation of women in the field of technology, launching She Loves Tech competition across the entire country which came to an end on 3rd August 2019, at Karachi Arts Council, declaring Yishel Khan as the winner of the tech competition. This biggest tech startup competition was launched in Pakistan back in 2017 by CIRCLE. The whole initiative took place in different cities of the country, intending to encourage the participation of the female entrepreneurs in the field of technology.

The competition was not only uplifted by the participation of women entrepreneurs but also the projects that encouraged women or tended to support and help women in some regards. The female techs showcased around 12 projects to a well-renowned jury, who announced Yishel Khan the winner of the competition, for the project which tended to cope with the mental disorders like ADHD. Many organizations such as Cargill, E. Ocean and Arbisoft sponsored this competition. With HBL and UNDP Pakistan the supporting partners and Interloop as the platinum partner for influencing women involvement in tech which did reflect from the words of Humayun Javed khan, Head of Corporate Communication at Interloop limited, in which he emphasized on how Interloop focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs. 

Many well-renowned entities shared their thoughts on the final day that included Sadaffe Abid, the CEO and founder of CIRCLE, and the chief guest Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the former State Bank Governor, who did boost up the energy of the participants with his wise choice of words, “In this time especially, we must rely on the muscle of our women to uplift and galvanize Pakistan’s economy.”, “Technology is the future, and with She Loves Tech, we are encouraging women to believe in themselves and explore entrepreneurship and tech.” added by the CEO of CIRCLE.

Leanne Robers, the Co-Founder of She Loves Tech, was highly inspired by the female-led startups. Figures from the well-recognized institutions like the Ministry of Finance, NCCPL and National Incubation centers, did appear to promote the efforts of the female tech participants. The projects were put forward to a panel which comprised of many highly renowned entities and organizations including the Ministry of Finance and government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and many others. Yishel Khan for the project “DOT-Mind Unlocked”, received the winning prize of Rs.150,000 by Cargill and was also given the golden opportunity of visiting China for participation in the Global tech competition.

Meanwhile Zartaj Waseem, the co-founder of PSSEC (Pakistan Space Science Education Centre) and Aneeqa Ali for her project “The Mad hatters”, were declared as the first and second runner ups with a cash prize of Rs.75,000 and Rs.50,000 from Arbisoft and E. Ocean respectively.


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