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Innovative steps the Canadian startups are tackling the virus crisis

As the lockdown in pandemic escalates, Here is a list of innovative steps being taken by Canadian startups to tackle the crisis created by the pandemic. Businesses in Canada are taking various steps to help customers by launching new products and services, free offerings, etc. They are making some innovative steps mixed with some calculated risks to support customers. Business people are keeping their profit-making motives aside and helping the country and its people in the most crucial time.

Here is a list of a few steps being taken by Canada to tackle the crisis created by the pandemic.

Technology for providing masks

Pharmaceutical outlets are coming up with innovative ideas as they’re running out of stock of masks. Instead of queuing up in front of the outlets, they’re asking customers to fill an online form, asking them to enter their phone number and birth date. When their masks are ready, the outlets notify them about the same.

Free childcare services to frontline healthcare providers

Some companies, like CareGuide, are primarily known for their caregiving services, are helping hand to the healthcare workers by providing them free access to the childcare platforms. These platforms are aiming to help families find and hire local caregivers with a wide range of skill sets.

Real-estate disruption due to virus

Real estate is one of the most significant hit industries by the lockdown pandemic. But Canadian business people have found their way through this as well. They are giving their customers a virtual home tour, switching to online selling since the holding of open-house is completely disrupted.

Internal communication during the pandemic

Some of the messaging apps like vidyard are now providing their services for free to help improve internal communication during this pandemic. To help people living far from their families, remote workers stay connected to their families through secure video content and messaging.

Stronger health screening

Canadian health data company Memotext has released a digital screening tool, RapidScreen, that provides instant assessments to avoid undue calamity like that in the USA and Italy.

Mental Health

In a period of extreme lockdown, a lot of them are losing their jobs, receiving lesser pay; everyone is losing their patience and mental stability. A company headquartered in Toronto, MindBeacon, is a start-up that delivers psychological therapies via online platforms. MindBeacon has now created a unique pandemic support service for those looking for help.

Taking Education Online

Since many are stuck at home due to lockdowns imposed by countries, educational institutions have come to a halt. It is a challenging time for students and professors; hence some companies like Essay JackD2L, Wize are coming forward to provide a platform to those wanting to make a change.

Collaborating to save lives

Competitors are now collaborating to share experiences, giving medical advice, stories of research, hope, and survival are updated several times a day to spread awareness amongst people.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

It’s incredible to see that in a time like this when companies themselves are facing a crisis, they’re still coming forth to help the healthcare workers. A textile maker Myant is providing doctors and nurses with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) knitted from copper and silver yarns.

Testing for immunity

Some biopharmaceutical companies are coming up with test kits to check if they are immune to this virus. If this experiment turns out to be a success, many people can go back to work without worrying about their health.

Feeding the healthcare workers

Companies and Canadian Food banks are coming together to raise funds to provide meals for healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses are working more than 15 hours per day to give their patients the care they need at this moment to fight the virus. But they also need to take care of their health. Companies are contributing to their attention by providing them free meals.


Economies and businesses all over the world need to learn by example from the Canadian businessmen. The kind of innovative steps they’re coming up with and the kind of help they provide to their economy is worth praise. If people in business around the world implement even one-fourth of this, the world will be able to fight with this pandemic successfully.



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