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Home Startup Stories Printify raises $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing

Printify raises $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing

Printify is known to be the on-demand printing business, in Riga, Latvia. Today by using Printify, the 80-person startup, e-commerce business owners can create clothes, accessories, logos, art, or photos and then sell them directly on their very own online stores instead of using platforms like CafePress, Zazzle, Society6 or Teespring.
The founder and chief executive officer of Printify, James Berdigans, while highlighting the difference between Printify and other platforms, told TechCrunch, “The problem is that these merchants can’t build their brand.”
Printify was launched in 2015 by Berdigans, Artis Kehris, and Gatis Dukurs, and now it is attracting an investment of around $3 million from Bling Capital, a venture capital fund, which was being projected five months ago by Ben Ling, a former general partner at Khosla Ventures.
This startup can handle everyday tasks, including manufacturing requests, shipping, and billing. With this, the startup began to grow 30 percent every year, adding hundreds of unique products to its catalog and also helped the store owners with brand building.
Initially, Printify underwent some tough phases and admitted its founder.
This startup is oblique to meet the needs of designers & artists, political campaign employees, “hustlers,” and influencers along with self-taught experts on managing digital sales.
Printify has a fixed pricing scheme, unlike the “first wave” businesses, and it gives merchants the ability to determine their margins.“If you were selling t-shirts for $25 and the average production cost is $10, our sellers will see a 50 to 60% margin.” Added the founder.
Initially, Printify underwent some tough phases and admitted its founder. But today, Printify, a graduate of the 500 Startups accelerator, has gained the interest of significant figures including Google AdSense pioneer Gokul Rajaram, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Facebook’s vice president of product Kevin Weil co-founder Fritz Lanman, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and DoorDash co-founder Evan Moore respectively.
Today, Printify acts as a B2B marketplace connecting the manufacturers with e-commerce stores.


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