Rakhi Khera – The journey of a housewife to an entrepreneur becoming top seller on Myntra


Rakhi Khera always had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. As it was an unconventional career to choose at that time, she opted to do a bachelor’s in commerce instead. But after some time without giving up on her dream, she decided to try her hands in maternity wear along with her husband’s support. The difficulty and the market gap in finding good quality and stylish maternity wear during her pregnancy inspired her to work on introducing her brand. Unfortunately, her venture didn’t meet her expectations.

So again in 2014 without being disheartened she decided to try again with an investment of Rs 5 lakh, she decided to create and launch her fashion brand with a wide range of western wear. Hence Rakhi established Abiti Bella Enterprises from Ashok Nagar, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. She started selling maternity wear through Flipkart. This move helped her in learning procedures like branding, cataloging, uploading, etc. And after a short period, she introduced her two brands named Abiti Bella and Mine4nine. These brands are available on all major online platforms. With no prior experience in fashion design, Rakhi’s enterprise still has witnessed a 38% and 15% growth in revenues with Flipkart and Myntra, respectively.

Having a total revenue of Rs 3.4 crore (between 2018-2019), Rakhi aims for earning about Rs 4.5 in the upcoming years. 43-year-old Rakhi also considers Walmart’s Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) was vital throughout her fashion design journey in the early days. WEDP provided her with insight into running a business and also helped her in understanding the aspects of finance, various business functions, digital marketing, networking, and logistics. Demonetization was the biggest challenge for Rakhi during her journey, but she still believes that one shouldn’t fear taking risks. In the future, she plans to expand her range of products by growing and scaling her business.


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