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Rohan and Prakshi run their family jewelery business with success

In 1995 Rohan Sharma along with his wife, Sunita, founded RK Jewelers, in Delhi. They focused on providing their customers with the best possible diamond and gold jewelry designs. The company started with an investment of Rs 3.55 crore, which continued doing a successful business afterward. In 2011, the second generation stepped in for transforming RK Jewelers according to international standards. Rohan (33) and Prakshi (30), took this duty so that RK Jewelers can evolve into a brand that included collections for inspiring both the customers from India as well as beyond India. 

“Earlier, people used to buy jewelry as assets, but now people consider it fashionable to wear designer diamond and gold jewelry. Hence, my sister and I stepped into the business to cater to that niche audience and make products with international aesthetics,” Rohan Sharma says.

Rohan with a degree from the Gemological Institute of America GIA, New York, and Prakshi being an award-winning designer from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, performed a very well task of molding the business according to the international standards. RK jewelers offer designs suitable for women of all ages with manufacturing diamonds and Polki jewelry. But in 2014, this brother-sister duo introduced another label with the name Prakshi Fine Jewelry, which includes diamonds and gemstones jewelry to meet the demands of millennials.

Rohan Sharma, Managing Director, claims that they aim to have a niche audience in the $2 billion jewelry industry and want to introduce high-quality products. He also shared that they are working hard to meet the needs of every customer, and the brand is working hard to diversify the designs for their customers by looking forward to expanding their business. RK Jewelers have a manufacturing unit in Mumbai with around 50-60 artisans from Bengal and Rajasthan. The brand sources materials from India as well as from Israel and New York. The brand’s store in Delhi welcomes approximately 25-30 customers daily and around 8,000 customers in a year. It also works hard to meet the needs of international customers, with launching offices in Dubai and New York and has promoted by celebrities like Kangana Ranaut and Kiara Advani in multiple events.

RK Jewelers provide a price competitive and high-quality product to customers according to the evolving trends. Both Rohan and Prakshi work hard to hit their goals by uniquely complementing each other. The brand aims to expand its business and fulfill the demands of growing customers globally. 


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