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Home Innovation Which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

Which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

Ferruccio Lamborghini biography facts

Born: April 28, 1916

Died: February 20, 1993

Born to Antonio Lamborghini and Evelina Lamborghini on 28th April 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini grew up to become the world’s most prominent automobile industrialist. This Italian businessman was a car darling, and his mechanical knowledge was very vast. He loved modifying cars in his spare time. 

Ferruccio’s parents were viticulturists, yet he always had more interest in the farming machinery rather than farming. Taking his mechanical interests into consideration, he studied in Fratelli Taddia technical institute near Bologna. In 1940, he became a part of the Italian Royal Air Force, where he served as a mechanic. 

Initially, after the end of World War II, Ferruccio Lamborghini opened a garage in Pieve di Cento. There he started modifying various cars. Once, he changed a homely city car into a roaring 750-cc open-top two-seater and entered the vehicle in the 1948 Mille Miglia, an open-road, motorsport endurance race. But he ran the car into the sides of a restaurant and lost his interest in motorcar racing.

In 1947, Ferruccio thought that a business opportunity could be available in the agricultural and industrial revitalization, and thus made his first Lamborghini tractor with the help of parts from military vehicle engines. Not only this, but Ferruccio was also involved in other businesses like manufacturing agricultural equipment, oil burner factory, producing air conditioning equipment, winemaking, etc.

Lamborghini history and background

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian brand of the automotive industry that manufactures luxurious sports cars and SUVs. Headquartered in Sant’Agata Bolognese, the company is now owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. It was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini and as a result of banter between him and Enzo Ferrari, another sportscar-producer. 

Lamborghini 350 GTV was the first car produced by the company. It was a two-seater coupe with a V12 engine. The logo of the vehicles features a bull, which refers to the zodiac sign of Ferruccio viz. Taurus, the bull. Not just that, Ferruccio had a keen interest in the Spanish bullfighting sport, and thus many of the cars are named after famous bulls or bullfighters. Miura, Sesto Elemento, LM002, Gallardo are some of the very renowned cars produced by Lamborghini. 

Apart from luxurious sports cars and SUVs, the company also produces V12 engines for offshore powerboat racing. A Company which was founded in 1948 by Ferruccio, Lamborghini Trattori (one that made tractors) is headquartered in Pieve di Cento, Italy continues to produce tractors. By sales, the most important markets for Lamborghini are the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and Japan. 

Lamborghini tractor history

Originally, Ferruccio produced Lamborghini tractors and other agricultural machinery. He also owned an oil burner factory, factory that produced air conditioning equipment, a winemaking factory, etc. In his spare time, he loved to modify cars, and so he opened a garage for the same. After serving the Air Force in World War II, in 1948, Ferruccio decided to manufacture Lamborghini tractors from equipment got from the military. 

Ferruccio had always been a sportscar darling, and he loved to buy new cars and to be an affluent businessman, he could still buy new cars. He owned different many sports cars like Fiat, Ferrari, and some other luxurious vehicles. 

Once Ferruccio had a grip issue with the Ferrari he owned. He decided to go to Ferrari to address the issue which gave rise to the biggest banter in the history of the automotive industry. 

Lamborghini story with Ferrari fight banter

Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a Ferrari 250 GT, and he had issues with its grip and thus decided to visit Enzo Ferrari, the then owner and founder of Ferrari S.p.A, to address his concerns. Enzo chose to solve the problems by way of affronting Ferruccio. Enzo said that there was some problem with the driver and not his car. Enzo also made insulting comments about tractors manufactured by Ferruccio. 

“Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor, but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari Properly.” These were the exact words used by Enzo when Ferruccio approached him. That was the time when Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to manufacture sports cars.

It seemed like Enzo was in no condition to learn that cars manufactured by him could have any issues. Instead of taking Ferruccio’s into consideration, he chose to insult him and the tractors manufactured by him. But Ferruccio Lamborghini was no less, he took these insults as a challenge and went to producing sports cars as well. His cars are a feast to customers’ eyes, no less than a dream come true. 

ferruccio tractor lamborghini ferrari fight
Lamborghini story with Ferrari fight

When did Lamborghini start making cars

It was in 1948, after World War II, that Ferruccio Lamborghini started trying his luck in various businesses. Until yet, he served as a mechanic in the Italian Royal Air Force. Ferruccio manufactured agricultural equipment and tractors. He also owned several other companies.

It was not until in 1963 that Lamborghini manufactured sports cars. This decision of manufacturing sports cars was a result of the banter between him and Enzo Ferrari, which arose from the issues he had with the Ferrari owned by Lamborghini, that he tried to address. In 1963, Lamborghini produced his first sports car, which was the Lamborghini 350 GTV, which was a Lamborghini prototype and forerunner of the automaker’s first production model, the 350 GT. This car wasn’t a significant hit, it received both positive and negative feedback from the media, but Ferruccio himself wasn’t as satisfied with the design of the car.

But later on, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. went on to become the most valuable asset of the automotive industry. It is some of the biggest and most famous sports car manufacturers across the globe. A majority of the world thinks that the cars produced by Lamborghini are dream cars. 

Lamborghini Mission & Vision

Automobili Lamborghini is committed to ensuring that its economic and business goals are consistent with the continuous improvement of environmental protection and energy efficiency. The company is developing an integrated environmental strategy based on innovations in both its production processes and its products. Also, with their innovative technology and exceptional performance, they aim to redefine the driving experience for luxury super sports cars. 

Their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is aimed at creating value through a responsible approach to the area in which the company operates, helping to ensure sustainable economic and social development, with a constant focus on ecology, to preserve the planet for current and future generations.

Ferruccio Lamborghini quotes

1. “I had never stopped thinking about the ideal car… All I had to do was construct a plant to build it.”

2. “When you stop working, you start to die!” 

3. “Lamborghini is refinement, luxury, and perfection.” 

4. “Mechanics was in my blood.”

5. “When I miss the sound and the fury, I take refuge in my garage and turn the key in the ignition of my Miura…” 

6. “I visited Eduardo Miura’s ranch in Seville, where he raised bulls for bullfighting, and I was so impressed that by the time I got home, I had already selected my future emblem.”

Ferruccio Lamborghini Story Conclusion 

He was a great man, and he was a man who believed in hard work. Ferruccio Lamborghini is the entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business. Being born to farmers to serving as a mechanic in Italian Royal Air Force to being an affluent businessman, the journey was never comfortable. Still, Ferruccio’s persistence and hardships made it possible. 


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